Why Is One Woman Attracted To One Man And The Other Isn’t?

Why Is One Woman Attracted To One Man And The Other Isn’t?

Some dude from yahoo answers had a cool question. Now, its obvious he hasnt taken my secret quiz, but ignore that, and focus on his question, and how I answer it. Question: I already know beauty is not in the eye of the beholder- Statistically speaking. So what makes one woman turned on by one man and not the other- even though both aren’t bad looking. An example would be one woman thinks guy A is attractive (he may not be bad looking but you aren’t attracted to him) And you find guy B more attractive and feel chemistry with him instead of A. – Let’s say both are decent looking guys. What determines why you find one more attractive than the other and explain sexual chemistry?

Answer: Well, the main reason is that looks have VERY LITTLE to do with attraction (especially with women’s attraction for men)… Looks are more like a pre-requisite or a bonus… You need a certain minimum met… Anyone above that minimum, and his looks are no longer the deciding factor, its other criteria. That or… if the guy is super, super-good-looking, then looks become important again. If a guy is super-good-looking, then his looks can be his most important trait (girls ignore his other traits a lot).

Now, between two average-lookin or even identical-lookin guys… how is it that one of them is babe-magnet, and the other is literally ignored and stepped over by women? Well, there are a lot of important differences, and I teach you about all of them in my quiz and on this site… But for a quick overview.

Being a Jerk, Being selfish

I’m kind of being sarcastic here… as this isn’t really being a jerk, but a lot of people use the term «jerk» for guys like this. See, a lot of guys who are called «jerks» are not really bad people, they’re just independent, don’t kiss ass and don’t submit to women, they live life on their own terms. And that my friend is REALLY hot to a woman. If you don’t care about impressing, attracting or getting women and just live your life for you, having fun, hobbies and passions that supersede any woman’s wishes or desires, you are hot.

She might complain that you devote more time and energy and passion into your hobby than you do in her… But the truth is, that’s why you’re hot to her in the first place! The moment you start kissing her butt, dumping your friends and interests to spend more time with her… is the moment she leaves you for another jerk.

Smelling like pussy

What does this mean? Smelling like pussy? Wtf? Yes dude, smelling like pussy. Let me give you an example… Ever noticed how when you have a girlfriend or you’re in love with some chick… all of a sudden, everywhere you go, women seem to be a lot more into you? And these are random women who’ve never met you. Its like the moment you get a girl, every other girl wants you 10x more… And back when you were single you didn’t get anywhere nearly as much attention… what’s going on? Well, you «smell like pussy»… You walk and talk and act like you have that need met, and that’s super attractive to women. The difference is that some guys are ALWAYS like that… They always act as if though they’re «fed» and have all the pussy they want, so women are more into them

Individual differences

There are just some individual traits that make individual women attract to one guy more. Different women have different types, some like short-hair, some like long hair… Some like a beard, some don’t. Some like tall guys, some not too tall… And from the personality side, some like a guy who has hobbies abc, and listens to music xyz…

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