What Women Say vs. What Women Mean Note

What Women Say vs. What Women Mean Note

Creating attraction is the cornerstone of any guy’s success with women. If you cannot immediately answer a question like, «What do women find attractive? ,» and can’t create attraction, then the amount of phone numbers you accrue is irrelevant. They simply won’t matter if the women aren’t attracted to you.

This is part of the problem: Way too many guys focus on getting numbers, rather than creating attraction. They seem to forget that getting numbers is not the main objective. The main objective is getting women to want to give you their numbers. And, that is why it is so important for you to know the answer to the question: «What do Women Find Attractive in Men?»

When you are hanging out with women, you need to be able to gauge whether or not she is having a good time with you, using flirtatious body language, finding excuses to hang out with you longer and so on. You need to know just how into you she really is.

Getting her number is not the end of the game

This is how you gauge the attraction you are creating. Remember, a number is simply a means to an end, not part of the end-game. If you haven’t built a solid level of attraction, getting her number is meaningless. To make sure that number does mean something and might turn into a date, you need to draw her in with your humor and confidence, as well as demonstrations of your values and how fun you are to be around.And, in order to do this, you need to know the answer to this question: «What do women find attractive in men?»

Secondly, if you do get her number, and then she sounds distracted when you call her, you can’t just let that slide. If you do, you are basically giving off the impression that you are a low-value guy who will accept crappy treatment from women just to get a date out of them. This is a major attraction killer, even if she was initially into you. Remember, women don’t just decide who they are or are not attracted to. She might have been attracted to you and might want to stay attracted to you, but it isn’t her fault if that attraction dissipates because of something you do or say.

This is when some guys will start complaining about how women are too picky, but rather than trying to come up with excuses, guys just need to accept the way things are and learn how to work within reality.

That means that it’s up to you to not be a wimp and to call her on it if she is distracted or rude to you on the telephone. Don’t be afraid to completely call her out and make it clear that you won’t be putting up with any nonsense.

When you do get the nerve to call her out, she will likely start getting a little bitchy when she replies. Remember, she is not used to guys talking to her like that and she will likely be taken aback. If this happens, you can give a smooth reply by saying something along the lines of: «Look, you seem like a cool girl, but I’m not one of those guys who will fall for that ‘I’m beautiful and can get what I want, how I want. ’ attitudes. I don’t know how you feel on the subject, but I will take a stimulating conversation over a boring one any day.

If you feel like having a good conversation, then you could come out with me for sushi Friday night. If not, that’s okay too, but then we might as well just say goodbye now.» This is an effective way to challenge a girl and demonstrate that you are a high-value guy. You might be surprised at just how much attraction this can create. When you talk to attractive women in this manner, you will likely make them feel three things.

  1. A little surprised and freaked out
  2. A bit embarrassed, since you did call her out on her behavior
  3. Seriously turned on, in most cases

Warning: Make sure you temper how straightforward you are with how attractive she is. Super attractive girls are usually confident enough to take being totally called on the carpet; whereas less attractive girls are more likely to get upset.

Also, when considering the use of the phone and the question of what do women find attractive in men, I really think it is important to consider the phone a way of communication only to be used to make plans to see each other. It’s not for chatting or making small talk. Besides, spending hours on the phone with some girl just gives you lots of opportunities to mess things up.

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