Openers for Picking Up Women

Openers for Picking Up Women

Knowing how to approach a woman is what that has been discussed by guys since the dawn of time. There are many special schools of thought on just how to approach a lady  though I want to target on the non-verbal aspect of this skill as I feel most males forget that a first impression can make your life a lot simpler.

What men say is contradicted by how they look and how they say it. You could be saying what that is confident and attractive but you don’t look confident and attractive. You look hunched, you’re voice is wavering, your eye contact is either way too intense or completely nonexistent and you’re not dressed like most confident hip guys. In understanding how to approach a girl we will try and get you around these issues.

The best thing to do is to tape yourself. I do this with all my students who I am teaching how to approach a lady and record what they say. There are a few key things I judge their success by and I don’t care if they succeed or not because sometimes they can just fluke it. They need to come up their game tight so that they can handle the mice and the cheetahs.
I take a head-to-toe approach.

Your Voice

You need to be talking to her as if she’s the 100th attractive girl you’ve spoken to in the present day. Simple to say, tough to do particularly when you’re nervous. You need to do at least 3 approaches for practice before you start taking yourself seriously.

The best way not to be nervous with females unluckily is by exposing yourself to them. It sucks but it’s the only way to get you more complacent with your nerves. The crisis is, is that your voice gives you away. It’s often too quick, stilted or too soft. Either way you’re contradicting the confident things you’re saying if you’re doing one of these things.

Your Posture

The tedious things your mother used to tell you about standing up straight were right. If only she clarified to you that it could help you get pussy later in life, then I’m sure you’d take it more seriously. Most of us are taller than the girls we’re chatting to. This causes us to hunch a bit so we don’t look too over powering. Standing up straight can be intimidating but a hunch makes you look needy, validation seeking and nastiest of all you just don’t stand like most confident guys do.

The secret on how your posture should be when learning how to approach a female? Lean back. Chin slightly raised just to keep your head from sticking out from your body like a pigeon.

How far back?

We’ll my common rule is to lean back far enough so that the top of your manhood is touching firm against the inside of your zipper. I don’t mean walk around protruding your like-meat, it’s a subtle thing that is not meant for that but it does get your hips where they need to be to help direct your torso.

Your Eyes

Having excellent eye contact does not mean”do not break eye contact”. Normal people break eye contact by looking to the side and just around in general. Obviously don’t look as if you’re not paying attention but seriously keep away from being someone who is basically staring at your lady as you’re chatting to her.

You will develop a terrible case of what my girlfriend calls”serial-killer-face”. Break eye contact every 20 seconds or so. It will help with your nerves too because looking her dead in the eye can seem quite confrontational if you’re learning how to approach a girl you just met.

Her physical tough-wires are too potent to neglect and the earlier you start building up your touches from: getting her attention when opening, to using touches for emphasis / gesticulation then to helping bolster your verbal advances and mimic them physically.

All things essential to getting her hot quick and if you can’t do it quick and effectively then every minute more is a greater risk of losing her.

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