Marriage Advice and Wedding Advice

Marriage Advice and Wedding Advice

Have you ever wonder what constitute a Good Marriage? A perfect and good marriage actually starts even before the marriage itself. There are two parts to the actual process and if you do it right, you can be sure that you are on your way to a good marriage. We believe that every marriage should be blessed with happiness and in order to seek for the good and perfect marriage, you play a very important role in making it happen. Below are some of the advice you can use.

Pre Marriage Advice

  • Before making the decision to propose to your sweetheart, make sure that you have truly wanted to commit yourself to the marriage. There will be no point of return once you have decide to commit to a marriage and you are responsible for your future happiness in your marriage.
  • The next step is to find the right moment to propose to your sweetheart and no other book is better than The Guide to Popping the Question  in coming up with all the brilliant marriage proposal ideas and plan. And of course don’t forget the diamond ring that you will be using during the marriage proposal.
  • If you are successful on making the marriage proposal, you need to have a good planning on your wedding. There are so many things to plan in a wedding. For example you need to organize the date, venue, wedding photos and the wedding reception. We personally find that the Master Planning Wedding Guide is one of the best guide in helping you to plan for your wedding or marriage.
  • After all the excitement of planning for the wedding, now you need a great speech at your wedding reception. I personally found that All type of Wedding Speeches for You are one of the best resources in preparing you for your wedding speech.
  • Plan for a honeymoon gateway immediately after the wedding. Make sure that both of you agreed to the places to visit and it does not necessary have to be an expensive gateway. What is more important is that both of you enjoy the honeymoon and this will set pace for a wonderful beginning to your life together as a husband and wife team.  Check out Hotwire, it offers some great and cheap travel packages which is ideal for your honeymoon.

Do all the above and I am sure that you will be on the right track to that good marriage that you have been dreaming of.

Post Marriage Advice

  • Never fail to set a standard as a newlywed couple. Marriage couple must have high tolerance, respect and accept each other regardless what situation. The most successful couples are those who are able to adapt to each other’s behavior from the very beginning of their marriage.
  • Learn to focus on the bright side of the marriage. Instead of focusing on each other’s shortcoming, a couple must learn to see the good point of their partner and learn to appreciate them more. Make deposit on the emotional account by loving your partner unconditionally in your marriage.
  • Share everything that comes along in the marriage regardless of good or bad time. Learn to work and behave as a team but at the same time respect your partner’s boundary in your marriage.
  • Avoid argument at all cost throughout your marriage but if you cannot avoid one, learn to diffuse any argument by using the soft approach and avoid using harsh remark. Learn to repair an argument before it gets out of control. If you need to voice up your disagreement, discuss it with your partner peacefully.
  • If you think that your marriage is having a problem, seek help and marriage advice early. Do not wait until things are out of control and un-repairable. Most couple whom seeks help or advice early has more chances of recovery than those who wait until it is out of reach in their marriage.

Where to seek advice on marriage problems?

  • Family members and best friends are among the first line of assistance you can get when it comes to getting marriage advices. Close family member or close friend sometimes can see clearer than both of you when it comes to a marriage problem and give proper advice. However you can only take advices from any third party and act accordingly for the best interest of your marriage.
  • If your marriage problem is at its beginning stage, self-help book can be very useful in trashing out any marriage related problem once and for all. Using self-help book however require its readers to practice self discipline and patience in applying the techniques listed in the books. We found that Save My Marriage Today are a very useful marriage advice guide in identifying marriage problems. The solutions provided in the are easy to understand and practical.
  • If your marriage problems are beyond the help of any book, you should consider seeking professional assistance such as marriage counselor. There are a number of marriage counselors available to help its client. Select them base on their experiences, year of services and their expertise in the field.
  • Apart from managing all the above, both you and your partner need to explore and experience better sexual relationship in your marriage. Marriage is about sharing satisfying sexual pleasure with your partner. A marriage life will not be healthy if either a partner is deprived of his/her sexual needs. Therefore you must be able to satisfy your partner’s sexual need and at the same time fulfilling you own needs. We found that 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets   has all the ingredient in guiding married couples to have better sex. Find out more on how you can have a better sex life here in your marriage.

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