Making a Solid First Impression

Making a Solid First Impression

One of the first things to understand when learning how to approach a woman is understanding the importance of making a good first impression and maintaining it. Your behavior in those first few minutes is absolutely crucial to building a connection with her and whatever you do will become part of your permanent record, as far as she is concerned.

For example, let’s say that you just started dating a woman. The night you met, she thought you were a fun guy that was easy-going and interesting. Then, you go on a date with her a week later after having a bad day at work, and you can’t stop talking about how crappy your job is and how much you can’t stand one of your co-workers. Suddenly, she is confronted with this negative guy who can’t stop complaining, which completely ruins the groundwork you laid the week before. Now, even though you might normally be a fun-loving, easy-going kind of guy, you have just made a very different impression on her.

This, obviously, is not how to impress a woman and is a sure way to get her to stop taking your calls. This is why you absolutely must learn how make a good first impression as part of learning how to approach a woman. The following tips are your keys to bringing out your best, accentuating your positive tips and convincing women that you are worth investing time in.

Tip #1: Show Genuine Interest in Her

When any guy is learning how to approach a woman, this is a non-negotiable component that is an absolute must. This is where good communication skills come in. If you want to understand how to impress a woman, you need to understand the importance of truly listening to her, showing real interest in what she has to say and giving her your full attention.

This is the fastest way to build rapport and to start building that foundation of positive feelings that you will need moving forward.
Remember, when you are out with your buddies you likely engage in a bit of one-upmanship, trying to outdo each other with one-liners and jokes. That’s all well and good when you are with your boys, but that will not work with women. When you are working on perfecting your skills regarding how to impress a woman, you need to focus on listening, not interrupting and giving her your undivided attention.

Tip #2: Ask the Right Questions to Keep the Conversation Going

You might be oblivious to this, but you can send things seriously south if you go on and on about stuff that is only of interest to you. She might nod politely and feign interest, but you are actually boring her to tears. This is a classic bad move that way too many guys make, and it is not at all part of how to impress a woman. Way too many guys can’t pick up on this and completely mistake her graciousness for interest in whatever it is they are going on about. This leads them to unknowingly go about telling their tales, while completely disregarding her interests.

Women are pros at picking up on what is of interest or importance to the people with whom they have conversations. They use this to determine the appropriate questions to ask to engage the person and further the conversation. Guys need to learn how to do the same thing, which will allow you to steer the conversation in a direction that she will find interesting and will actually enjoy. This shows her that you care about what is personally relevant or of interest to her, which will, in turn, increase her interest in talking to you.

Tip #3: Do Not Ignore Her Friends

Attractive women are rarely without a circle of friends who function as a buffer between her and creepy guys with stupid pick-up lines and lame approaches. The worst thing you can do when you approach a woman surrounded by friends is to completely ignore her friends and immediately zero in on her. All this will do is annoy them and raise her defenses, which are both very bad things.

You need her to feel comfortable around you, and you need her friends to like you. Those two components are central to learning how to approach a woman.

The best way to achieve this is to buddy up with her circle of friends and basically ignore the girl you actually want to get to know. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but this really is your best move.

This will lower her defenses, because she will not feel like a direct target, and it will give you the opportunity to both impress her friends and convey your social value through your conversations with them. For example, telling her friends a story about that crazy weekend with your buddies when you had to pull them out of trouble is the perfect way for her to learn that you are a responsible, go-to guy, while also understanding that you are the alpha male in your group of friends. Since you are just telling a story to her friends, she won’t think you are bragging, but she is sure to hear it.

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