Love Does Not Cost A Thing – Part 2

Love Does Not Cost A Thing – Part 2

Is there a Connection between Love and Money? A Real-life Scenario
In order to profer an answer to the connection between love and money, let us consider a real-life scenario; so as to drive the point home.

A wealthy man who we will simply refer to as Bill got married to a woman named Gill. Their marriage was the talk of the neighbourhood where they lived – a very high class society wedding – that was so extravagant that people were still talking about that wedding for many weeks after it had long past.

When Bill and Gill got married, the man was about 40yrs of age while his wife was about 25yrs. But, there was nothing profoundly spetacular about their married life. It was just another rich married couple’s marriage.
With the passing of time, they were blessed with three (3) children within the space of five (5) years. And things appeared to be going on smoothly for them. Anyone looking at them at that time would truly envy them – that they had it all.

But, all of a sudden, without any warning whatsoever, everything started to take a nose-dive for them during their sixth year of marriage.
Bill, a big-time contractor in Nigeria, suddenly had all his investments stuck up in various contracts awarded to him by the state government in his area. Due to a change of government, the new administration was very reluctant to pay the backlog of debts which the state owed various contractors at that time.

The state government instituted a probe into the activities of its predecessor. The government ordered a review of contracts awarded to all contractors by the former administration. As a result of this, there was no payments made to any contractor registered with the government for two good years.

Things became very tough for Mr. Bill and his family. All his money were tied up in the contracts he had executed for the government. Thus, there was no money for him anywhere. To even get any loans from his bank was impossible because he was owing the bank and had exceeded his limits. He had even mortgaged his building to secure a bank loan.

The situation was not looking good at all for Mr. Bill. To even pay the rent became a monumental problem for him. He had sold one of his luxury cars to lobby government officials to ensure that his name was included among the first of those to be paid once the government commenced paying its contractors.

But, still to no avail. He had also sold another of his luxury cars just for him to feed his family. And to make matters worse, the bank was threatening to recover his building in order to liquidate the loan he was owing them. They had written several letters to him, through their solicitor, to remind him of his indebtedness and giving him an ultimatum to pay up or else the bank would have no option but to take measures to recover their money.

lt was at this bleak time in his life that madam Gill decided to display her true colours. She began by saying that she could not understand any of the things that was happening to them, that she did not bargain for any of those things at all. Her voice and demeanor gradually changed.

She even went as far as saying that she was too young at 33 to go through this sort of stress – that she did not want to die young! No romance without finance! Of course! In other words, love and money, to her, were children of the same mother – or two sides of the same gold coin – and they could not be separated one from the other!

She did not even allow her husband utter a single word while she vent her spleen and frustration at being forced to limit and reduce her extravagancy by the situation which they then found themselves. Before her husband returned from where he went one morning, she was gone, taking their three kids and a few of the possessions that she could carry with her.
They became separated for two good years. During that time, they did not call each other for a single second. The man just let them be. He even felt a great relief within himself that his wife left. At first he felt bad, which was the normal reaction of any man.

But, then, he started rationalising the whole thing. He started feeling that it was the kindest thing that his wife ever did to him. He was already feeling bad at his inability to provide all the good things of life which he was accustomed to providing them. So, he felt it was like his wife understood the way he was feeling inside and decided to relieve him of his pain by leaving him.

Judas Iscariot! Mr. Bill was even worse than his wife. No romance without finance! Indeed! And his own was even much worse because from his own point of view, a poor man does not deserve to be loved by a woman or even get married and have a family. How pathetic indeed!

All his family members, friends and colleagues would not hear about him taking his wife back. “Let her go”! They all shouted to him. But, he simply couldn’t be dissuaded. Bill made enquiries through his wife’s friends and came to discover their whereabouts.

(Please see the following web pages why people hang on to dead relationships and how to end a relationship peacefully and gracefully for information on the various reasons why people remain in relationships that are virtually dead and how to put an end to a dead relationship without leaving with a feeling of remorse and guilt)

So, once in a while, he would visit them to find out their welfare and to stay and spend some time with them. Despite his grave misconception of no romance without finance, no one could dispute the fact that Bill was a good father though.

Eventually, the state government released money to pay all the contractors it was owing and Mr. Bill came into money once again. At exactly the stroke of their tenth year marriage anniversary, he decided to reconcile with his wife and bring her back much to the consternation of family members, friends and his colleagues.

And he rewarded her with a brand new Honda CV car which, according to him, “it was meant to wipe her tears clean”!

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