How to Attract Women

If in this point in time you don’t have a clue how to attract women, then I have good news for you. Attracting women is a skill, and by virtue of being a skill it is learnable! You can turn around your situation with women. It does not matter if now they are not paying much attention to you, or they lose interest  quickly. That is changeable.

Men can improve their personality, and by this they improve their attractiveness to the opposite sex. And women, well they can’t change their physical appearance, they are stuck with it for their whole life. Well they can put a little makeup, but that’s it.  And by this men have great advantage, they can improve their attractiveness forever by improving their personality.

It’s easy after you know on what to work on. When I discovered the art of attracting women, I went from no women to my life to always having multiple great women in my life. The truth is that some guys are naturally good with women and some are not. And the truth is that you can also be one of those guys who are good with women. To help you become such a man, I will give you two free tips on the subject of attracting women.

Tip #1: Don’t impress women

Of course it is okay to be impressive around women or anyone else.  But there is a catch, you can never blatantly try to impress her, by doing that is you automatically turn her off. Does a naturally impressive man needs to blatantly do anything to impress a woman? It shows that you see her as having more value than you and that you are trying to get with HER more than she is trying to get with YOU. That approach is the opposite of what women mean when they say, «I want a guy who is a challenge.»

By trying to impress her you send her signals that she is having more value than you are. It shows her that you are trying to get with her more than she is trying to get with you. Guys who try to impress women are never a challenge for them. And what is one of things women want? A challenge.

Tip #2: Develop the behaviors and traits that attract women

Women are naturally attracted to some personality traits and behaviors men exude. It does not matter if you are young or old fat or skinny, if you have some of these things women will love you. So why not develop them. These specific things include: Confidence, Masculinity or Alpha Male, Humor & Being a Funny Guy, Being Challenging & Unpredictable, Charm, a Sense of Style, Adventurousness, Social Intelligence.

Some of these traits are: Confidence – which is by the way one the most primal and universal attraction triggers, Humor, Masculinity, Charm, Fashion Sense, Social Awareness.

If attracting women is one of the top priorities in your life, you better start incorporating those things into your personality. Just do this, and women will flock to you. Remember, around women present your best self, always.
Take action and learn how to attract and date women of your dreams. Or do you want to live the rest of your life in regret for not doing the things your heart tells you to do? Sometimes I remember my teen years when I was completely non attractive to women. If only I knew then what I know now..