Flirting Tips for Guys

When you see guys that seem to really have flirting down to a science and always get the girl, that is no accident. Those are the guys that have recognized the importance of effective flirting and have taken the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So, let’s talk about the top five flirting tips for guys that every man absolutely must know.

The Gaze of Confidence

A confident gaze is your go-to first move when flirting with women. How you do this is to meet the woman’s eyes, and then hold your gaze. This move exudes confidence. If she looks down and smiles, you will know that you have successfully completed step one and are ready to make your next move by approaching her. If she breaks the gaze to look away, but does not smile, you may still have some work to do, but it still shows interest that she held the gaze for a second or two.

The Dale Head Drop

This calculated move gets its name from the man who mastered this surefire way of beckoning women to his side with nothing more than a shrug. If you are the type of guy who really wants to blow her away right from the start, meet her eyes with the Gaze of Confidence, and then drop your head to one side in a «you know you want me» manner. This will basically tell her to come and get it, and she probably will. This one works particularly well in other countries. U. S. women tend to see through this move a little more, but it can still work in the States as well.

Show Her that Winning Smile

It may seem too simple to be a real tip, but smiling is incredibly important. When it comes to flirting tips for guys, there is nothing like a well-placed smile to show that you are happy, confident and interested in a girl. Brighten the room with a smile and show her that you are confident, in control and an all-around fun guy. If your smile could use some help in the whitening or straightening department, do it! It will be well worth the money and effort by being good for meeting girls, as well as your overall confidence and health.

Body Language

Way too many guys sit or walk with their arms crossed in front of them, their faces looking flat or anxious, and their legs closed together. These are not guys that are running around getting all the girls. Open body language is where it’s at. You need to create an open, welcoming space, which includes leaning back with your legs and arms relaxed and open, and with a facial expression that is inviting and warm. Among flirting tips for men, this one will not only make you attractive to the girl you are interested in, but will also make others feel comfortable around you and will help you make new friends – friends who could introduce you to a potential girlfriend, or even to a potential wife!

Get Your Lean On

Show your interest, as well as your confidence, by assuming the assured, confident posture of an alpha male. This posture includes leaning away from the girl slightly while you talk to her, particularly when seated, which forces her to have to lean in towards you. This places you in the position of chooser and communicates to her that she must earn your respect, which is not something you simply give away. This power move is one of the many flirting tips for guys that dating expert Carlos Xuma goes into great detail about in my course.

Once you know things are going well, which you will recognize by her body language and tone of voice, it’s time to lean in and get a little closer. This will let her know that you are ready to take it to the next level. If you have done your prep work, she will be ready for the next level as well.