7 tips on how to attract women – what do women like in a man

7 tips on how to attract women – what do women like in a man

Yes, you want to attract women, and you don’t want to read 500 page ebooks full of fluff. That’s why I’ve distilled attracting women to the top 7 tips that really give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to attracting women.

Don’t be a slob

This is a tricky one. Its easy to become too fashionable and drive women away by becoming too metrosexual. But you don’t wanna be too relaxed either. I think the key is just handling the basics. Choose classy, simple clothes, the kind that are timeless and always in fashion. Always be well groomed and your clothes pressed and clean. This is enough. Any more than this, and you go into «too fashionable».

Women really get turned on by «arrogant confidence»

They say they don’t like arrogance, but what they mean is arrogance out of stupidity and lack of self-esteem. When I say arrogant confidence, I mean James Bond. Think of how James Bond acts, and the kind of smile he has on his face when talking to women. This is what you want to do. Walk around with a huge «shit eating grin». You literally want to have an expression like «Ya, I just fucked 5 supermodels and I’m about to have sex with your girlfriend too»… I know it sounds weird, but try it. Put on that smile and sway, and notice how women respond to you.

Plenty of female friends

Yes, its super weird, but women actually find you more physically attractive when they see you hanging out with other gorgeous women. Its some sort of evolutionary glitch scientists say. Apparently her brain actually distorts how you look, and sees you as much more handsome when you have attractive women around you. So this one is simple to apply, just make a bunch of hot women as friends. Here’s the good news, befriending hot women as at least 20 times easier than dating them. They have much lower standards on whom they hang out with, then who they date with. And once you befriend a bunch of hot women, all of a sudden other hot women will want to be with you.

Act like a leader

Make decisions lead the pack and do not follow. Remember you’re a MAN and women don’t like weak guys but they all want a leader around to save the day if needed.

Passion and drive

Another one of those evolutionary glitches for women is being attracted to a guy who’s ambitious, driven and passionate. It means you have something in your life that you’re so driven by, that you’d rather do that, then spend too much time pursuing women. This turns on women like crazy. So get and find a hobby, business or activity that you’re really driven passionate about, and you’ll be a lot more attractive to women.

Be unique, stand out

By far the number one trait that attract women is being different in some way. Standing out from other guys, and just not being your average guy. It doesn’t matter what this is, but if there is one thing that you have, that most guys don’t, you will stand out and attract women a lot more.

Be genuine

Women actually feign being offended when you say certain things, but the secret is they secretly respect you for disagreeing with them or saying things they don’t like. Trust me on this. Kissing up to women and saying things because you think they’ll like you saying them, will only work the first 1-2 times… Over time they catch on, and disrespect you for doing this. Be genuine, be yourself. If you don’t like something, tell her you don’t like it. Women will respect you. And respect is the cornerstone of a woman being attracted to you.

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7 Tips On How To Attract Women – What Do Women Like In A Man