What Is Seduction?

Seduction is something that some are not so good at while others are incredibly good at it. Seduction is all about attitude and how well you are around other people. In order to be good at seduction you will need to be a person that is charismatic and able to be comfortable in their own skin. Many people see seduction as a form of power that they can have over another person.


Many people will use seduction for sexual reasons. You will seduce a person into having sex with you. Seducing somebody sexually will usually involve you acting very sexy and provocative around them. Women will wear revealing clothing that shows off their legs or cleavage while men will become very touchy feely with a woman.


Some people will use seduction to get power over a person. They will seduce them as a way to distract them from what they are doing or to get what they want. This is something that is done very often with people that are trying to get to a position of power.

What It Is

Basically, seduction is when a person will use the power of their sex appeal to get what they want. Usually, seduction is used just to have sex or at least to be viewed as sexy by other people. You will find that seduction will often include alcohol as it will help people to loosen up some. Whether you are being seduced or are doing the seducing alcohol can usually help you both out.